Instagram And You, The Hunter.

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Many of you enjoy sharing your life’s experiences on social media. Facebook especially. But Facebook shows a lot of your personal life…kids, family, the occasional picture of you slinging shots or singing karaoke. You use it with those you know and trust. So how can you share your passion, network with others like you, but not be too revealing and stay somewhat anonymous? Try Instagram.

Sportsman's Guide Instagram
Instagram was born for pics like this, as our own @heidimccleary shows her first turkey.

Instagram is a picture-sharing app for your smart phone that is great for fostering a community spirit among people with like interests. Take a picture. Post it. Add some relevant hashtags if you like. And even better, you can press a hashtag of something that interests you and browse other people’s pics.

And as fall and winter hunting seasons approach, it can be both informative and fun.

For example, right now #whitetail has over 382,000 pictures, arranged by when they were taken. Trophy shots. Trail cam pics. Hunters preparing for the upcoming seasons. And more. And any word/term you can think of is likely a hashtag. How about #bowhunter, #turkeyseason, #treestand, even something more social like #girlswhohunt. And as you may expect, brands with stake in the outdoors have an established following.

Healthy Hunters
Hunter and bodybuilder @missfit_lyss shares a little of her routine.

Some people have even created specific communities. Bowhunters Adam Valastro and Heather Ballek are founders of @HealthyHunters. They believe that “hunting & fitness go hand-in-hand and that starts with you bringing your absolute best to the field”. According to Heather, it “was born as a result of our combined passion for the outdoors, hunting, and a healthy lifestyle with the hopes of inspiring others in our community to become better versions of themselves as well…not only for more satisfying hunts, but also for overall well-being.” Their community encourages healthy lifestyles while motivating hunters to stay in top shape for success in the field.

So whether to show-off your trophy or tree stand vantage, get advice on food plot/feeder prep, or just “like” pics of those who share your passion for the hunt, see how other hunters share their passion on Instagram, free for Android and iPhone.

By the way, have you heard about our biggest hunting event yet?
By the way, have you heard about our biggest hunting event yet?

And of course, you can start by checking out @SportsmansGuide! We showcase pics hashtagged from followers, highlight new products, and even share footage we personally get from pros in the field! We would love to have you be a part of our social community…give us a follow and remember to #ShareTheThrill!

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