Iowa Lawmaker Blasts Raccoon, PETA

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Feb. 24, 2010

Iowa Lawmaker Blasts Raccoon, PETA

Last week, a popular Iowa
lawmaker took shots at a troublesome raccoon as well as a spokeswoman for an
anti-hunting animal-rights organization. And in the opinion of the Outdoor News
Hound, he was on-target with both pesky varmints. You’ll also read about a
record fish weighing one-third of a pound and much more!

J.R. Absher

Crack-Shot Congressman
When U.S. Rep. Steve King found a raccoon trying to chew into his rural Western Iowa home during a snowstorm last week, he reacted like most folks who live out in the country
and away from the city. He grabbed the closest and most familiar firearm and preceded to dispatch the troublesome critter, which he
thought might be rabid because of its bizarre behavior during the middle of the

Rep. King’s “most handy gun” turned out to be a .45 ACP Desert Eagle 1911
pistol, a popular firearm and caliber for personal and home protection. Perhaps
the congressman was a tad bit over-gunned for the pesky varmint, but it served
the purpose, quickly and decisively.

Later, the four-term Republican from Kiron, Iowa,
wrote about the incident on Twitter:

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