#KillerDrone is a Drone with a Chainsaw.


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Drones are frequently in the news. Sometimes they are used for good, like helping in earthquake recovery. Other times, not, like when used to spy on people or when they violate FAA airspace. Well a couple of guys from Finland elevated drone practicality and designed #KillerDrone…a chainsaw-weilding drone.

Yes, a drone that has a fully-functional chainsaw attached to it. A Flying Chainsaw, if you will.

I really hope a bird doesn’t encounter the Flying Chainsaw.

Talk about an engineering marvel. So I will say that an average chainsaw, depending on blade length, can run 10-12 pounds at least? These guys made a drone to carry that weight plus the camera while ensuring that the drone flies smoothly. Not only that, as the video shows, the chainsaw can even be maneuvered within the drone…as well as the maneuvering of the drone itself. And this is all with the chainsaw securely mounted in an inverted position, which I would think could impact operation in regards to how the fuel runs through the chainsaw.

Take a look at how they put it to use. Some of the things it does are actually pretty practical…now you have a safe, fun way to prune trees! And some of them are more entertaining. I will give one hint: it involves unsuspecting snowmen. And while the Killer Drone may seem indestructible, well, it unfortunately gets taken-out at the end by the most innocent and unsuspecting ways possible.

The YouTube Video is below:

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  1. James Perovich Sr.

    That is crazy