Kind-Hearted Kayak Fisherman Saves Iguana Four Miles Offshore [VIDEO]

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Have you ever seen an animal in a tight spot and think “How on earth did you end up here?”

Like, say, if an iguana ended up FOUR MILES away from shore in the Florida Keys. How did it happen? What were the circumstances that led to it swimming for literally several hours?

Well, the most likely scenario is that it was escaping a predator.

“When frightened by a predator, green iguanas will attempt to flee, and if near a body of water, they dive into it and swim away,” according to Wikipedia.

That doesn’t explain why it was out so far.

At any rate, it’s a good thing that this kindly kayak fisherman happened upon the stranded critter.

“Dude! What are you doing out here?” asks the unnamed fisherman. “You lost or what?! Man, he’s out here.”

The fisherman offers the iguana a ride back, and the animal is more than happy to accept.

The iguana is weary of the guy, but he’s out of options.

Here’s the video:



“Any of this look familiar to you?” the fisherman asks as they near shore.

Sure enough, the iguana hops off and swims the last 30 feet to shore. Amusingly, the fisherman goes back to get some footage of the iguana when it reaches land.

“Alright buddy,” said the fisherman, “nice meeting you.”

Kudos to this very kind gentleman.



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