Man Wakes Up To Two Mountain Lions Outside His Bedroom Window [VIDEO]

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Ben Slaughter of Boulder, Colorado, awoke in the middle of the night to find not one but two mountain lions outside his bedroom window.

The cougars appear to be in the middle of a courtship ritual, so Ben grabbed his phone and started recording.

Mountain lions are solitary creatures, but will tolerate each other’s presence during mating. You might be surprised to learn that the active cougar in today’s video is likely to be the female. During estrus, females will caterwaul for hours on end until a male hears and follows. From there, they have to coerce the male into participation.

I’ll stop there. You can read all about it in this great National Geographic article if you’re so inclined.

At any rate, these two were probably making a racket. Cool video. You don’t get to see two adult mountain lions in one place very often.





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