Michigan’s First Teal Season in 50 Years September 1-7

Waterfowl hunters have an exciting new hunting opportunity to look forward to as September 1-7 will mark Michigan’s first early teal hunting season in nearly 50 years!

The Michigan DNR says it’s important for hunters to understand that the season is experimental for three years, and the Michigan DNR is required to measure the attempts and harvest of non-target species to make sure hunters are harvesting teal and no other species of ducks, such as wood ducks and mallards.

Blue-winged Teal
Blue-winged Teal

The results of the experiment will determine if Michigan is allowed to continue the early teal season. If the number of attempts to shoot non-teal ducks is too high then the experiment will fail. Because of this, the DNR is encouraging hunters to study up on their duck identification skills for this season. Here are some tips:

Teal Identification Tips – Blue-winged Teal

  • Small duck with blue patches on the upper surface of wings.
  • Teal tend to fly in tight flocks. Their flight is rapid and appears erratic.
  • Female teal have a raspy, rapid call while males have a single note “whistle.”

Teal Identification Tips – Green-winged Teal

  • Smallest North American duck with a short neck and small bill.
  • Green-winged teal have a green patch on wings, with white stripe in front and a yellowish tail stripe. Males have a white stripe up the shoulder with a dark reddish and green head.
  • Prefer freshwater marshes and shallow wetlands.
Green-winged Teal
Green-winged Teal

These species of small ducks, especially blue-winged teal, are some of the earliest duck species to migrate each fall, and you can view a potential teal hunting opportunity map to aid you in your hunt, and attend the Teal and Early Goose Hunting Workshop in Grand Rapids on Aug. 29, 2014.

The DNR says this early season is now possible because the continental population of blue-winged teal has grown in recent years and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently completed a teal harvest assessment indicating teal populations can sustain additional harvest beyond that incurred during regular duck seasons and the existing early teal seasons in other states. As a result of this, the DNR says, Michigan and other northern states in the Mississippi Flyway have the opportunity for an experimental early teal season.

Here are the 2014 Experimental Early Teal Season Regulations:
Species: Blue-winged Teal and Green-winged Teal
Season Dates: September 1-7 statewide
Shooting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Daily Bag Limit: 6 teal
Possession Limit: 18 teal

Click here for more information from the Michigan DNR.



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