Military Surplus Cosplay: 6 templates to let your imagination run wild

Military surplus offers the timeless, otherworldly and unusual fashions that have fueled both professional costumers as well as the cosplay fan community since the very beginning.

Whether its cooking up a winning Halloween costume or making a good appearance at your next fandom convention, we’ve got the goods to make your look extra authentic and unique.

It should come as no surprise there are folks here at The Sportsman’s Guide who are well aware of some of the non-standard uses for old military surplus.

With just a little prodding, they were ready to show how easy it truly can be to create a thrilling costuming composition.

Just to make clear: the possibilities you can come up from our surplus selection are practically endless.

Consider these templates just a taste to get your creativity juices flowing. Happy costuming!

The Imperator and her minion

The Post Apocalyptic Nightmare

After a rain of world-ending fire, the shattered remnants of humanity have dusted the nuclear fallout off their shoulders and gotten back to work.

The mission?

Riding in heavily modified big-rig rat rides and fighting each other over the remaining supplies of bullets, gasoline and potable water.

Will you become the absolute ruler of your own desolate desert fiefdom?

Or will you unite the few remaining terrified inhabitants of the wasteland and lead them to a fabled paradise on the other side of the horizon.

From master blaster to furious imperator, we have the equipment to get your post-apocalyptic motor running.

The future of humanity runs like clockwork

The Dystopian Future

If you’d rather forget Doomsday and instead live in a Brave New World, we’ve got that too.

Those benevolent world government organs are always trying to find a cure for the enduring malaise of modern living.

Turns out the solution was hiding in plain sight all along: drugged milk and bold fashion choices.

The end result of this psychological tinkering is a organic creature who lives life with the regular timing and precision of a machine: a clockwork orange, if you will.

This new breed of street-smart young adult excels at philosophical debate and contact sports.

Add in some of our surplus along with Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, and you have a real horrorshow ensemble ready to tolchock some groody veck right in the glazzies.

Fighter pilot “frenemies”

Back to Fighter School

With the right mix of outdated uniform components, you too might be able to resemble one of the 80’s-era hyper-competitive aviators training at a world-famous Navy weapons school.

In this high-stakes story your buddies are also your competitors, whether it’s flying F-14’s or just a friendly game of volleyball.

You might all vie for the elusive “Topgun” trophy, but can you work together as a team long enough to get missile lock on those incoming MiG’s and save the day?

This thoughtful guest brought his own restroom

The Backwater Cousin

What happens when extended family comes to visit for the holidays?

Sometimes even the most annoying people have something to teach us when it comes to enjoying life and letting go of stolid cultural mores, long-standing environmental best-practices, and public indecency proscriptions.

This RV-loving road warrior doesn’t need any hamburger in his helper, and he certainly knows what to do when the toilet facilities have reached their breaking point.

With the right bathrobe, you too could be this confident and self-assured. But where could anyone find such a thing?

Gigowatts of fun packed into a single white lab coat

Mad Scientist

They called him crazy at the university.

But while this man of science might be on the outs with the Board of Trustees, he definitely has an in with a rogue revolutionary organization ready to trade in some black market plutonium.

Those dangerous characters won’t like it when they discover he just gave them a box of pinball machine parts in exchange. But that won’t matter when his working invention finally proves his genius once and for all!

With our selection of gear, you can leave the world of legitimate scientific research behind forever and retire to a medieval castle, underground lab, or garage-based facility to carry on dark and strange pursuits.

Ready to do their duty for the future

Devolved Pop Musicians

Does it sometimes seem like today’s popular music just keeps getting less and less interesting? Sometimes it almost seems like humanity as a whole is regressing back into a simpler state.

If you ever find yourself wanting to give up your freedom of choice and find more time for fun, dressing up like these Devolved Pop Musicians might be just the thing for you.

You’ll have to source your own unique headgear.

But we do have the bright yellow jumpsuits, ready to whip your next costuming adventure into shape.

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