Mystery Wire-clearing Tech!

I’m going to come clean.

I don’t know everything. Or most things, even.

While I pride myself on being able to do enough research to understand the function and significance regarding the vast majority of the almost-unbelievable selection of military surplus here at The Sportsman’s Guide, sometimes the best work can fall flat.

And In a few, rare cases…I have NO idea what’s in front of me.

Enter Exhibit A: The Italian Military “Hoisting Line”.

Italian Military Line Drag

Going in, all I knew about this item was the country of origin and the length of the rope. The entire Internet pulled up nada. So I had to get inventive.

I starting brainstorming. Using the hefty metal weight on the end, I could probably get it over a wall, or a tree branch. The Line could be pretty good for getting gear off the ground, especially out in the wild. Finally, it kind of reminded me of certain equipment used by superheroes for stealthily scaling the buildings of ne’er-do-wells.

So I wrote up this.

Leave it to a sharp-eyed military surplus fan to provide an idea 100% more plausible than anything I could come up with.

User The_Tech_Son writes:

Putting in my 2 cents – The only way I’ve ever seen this “hoisting line” used by the Italian Army was as a drag line to clear simple enemy obstacles, such as concertina wire. The barbs hook the wire and the weight helps set off (or expose) anti personnel mines. Developed in WWI and used up until Gulf War. Think of it as a low tech MiCLiC.

Once you take a look at all the little hooks, using this line to grab battlefield obstacles and clear them from a safe distance makes perfect sense.

Close up of weighted spiky end

And while I still can’t find anything online to back up this new intel, I certainly can’t find anything to refute it either.

To make the story even better, The_Tech_Son off-handedly mentions the “MiCLiC” at the end of his comment. Which lead me to learn all about the M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge. A modern equivalent to this humble grapple that uses a massive rocket-projected explosive charge to clear a mighty 8 meter by 100 meter swath for safe travel through mined territory.

Now that’s the way you clear a minefield!

If you find any places where I miss the mark on other products, send me a heads-up. And if you have more info on this Drag Line, let me know in the comments section.

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