Nearly 4,000 Youth Participate in the Largest Trapshooting Tournament in the World!

Nearly 4,000 athletes participated in the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League Championships June 6-10 in Alexandria, Minn.

And for the second-straight year, The Sportsman’s Guide was proud to be the title sponsor for the event, which is the LARGEST trapshooting tournament in the world!

Trapshooting is now the state’s fastest growing sport! In 2008, there were 54 kids from three schools, and today there are 6,100 from 380 schools! The shooters must be 12 years or older, in grades 6-12, and have their firearm safety certification.

The five-day event allowed teams to complete their competition on a single day while allowing competition among teams with a similar size. The divisions included Novice, Junior Varsity and Varsity. The Novices shot 75 targets and the Junior Varsity and Varsity shot 100 targets. The Clay Target League is the only high school sport that is co-ed and where boys and girls shoot on the same team and compete by the same rules.


The High Gun Male Novice was Chance Negan of Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg High School;

The High Gun Female Novice was Kaitlin Selzler of Crookston High School;

The High Gun Male Junior Varsity was Cole Earl of Milaca High School;

The High Gun Female Junior Varsity shooter was Paige Bickett of Underwood High School;

The High Gun Male Varsity shooter was Kurt Potter of Buffalo High School who shot a perfect 100-100! and;

The High Gun Female Varsity shooter was Brandie Evens of Buffalo High School.

For complete results, click here.

How safe is trap shooting?
The Minnesota State High School Target League website says there have been zero reported injuries and no Gun-Free School Zone violations since the League started in 2001!

Do you trap shoot, or do you have a son or daughter who participates where you live in this fast-growing sport? Give their team/or club’s name a shoutout!



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2 Responses to “Nearly 4,000 Youth Participate in the Largest Trapshooting Tournament in the World!”

  1. Paul J. Mashek

    With the popularity growing in Iowa and our school, we were inspired to build our our facility for the Turkey Valley Trap Shooting Team. My daughter as a senior took it the first our group offered it and i was asked to be a volunteer assistant coach. My daughter has since gotten her trap shooting coaches certificate. This is a great sport which allows every athlete the ability to actively participate.

    • Tom Kacheroski

      Thanks for the comment Paul! It’s nice your group built that facility for trapshooting and really great you are volunteering your time to help with coaching. It’s also AWESOME your daughter received her coaching certificate! Keep up the great work and keep us in the loop on how things are progressing with the team. Have a great summer!