Nothing to See. Just a Wolverine with a Goat Head in its Mouth [VIDEO]


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Today’s video comes to us from YouTube user Kelly Willett, and boy…it’s an interesting one.

The person filming was mountain biking when they came across a very odd site: A wolverine, normally loath to be seen by humans, saunters down the trail with a goat head in its mouth.



Strange, yes?

Not sure I’d be standing that close either. Wolverines are remarkably strong for their size, and could rip a human being to shreds with minimal effort.

As for what he was doing with a goat head, there are a few explanations. Wolverines ARE capable of killing an adult goat, and often cache their excess food for winter.

The more likely explanation, though, is that the wolverine scavenged the goat head from carrion. Wolverines will often follow wolf or lynx trails with the intent of scavenging the remains of their kills. Kinda neat.



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