NSSF: #GUNVOTE: Countdown to 2016!

Check out what some of the 2016 Presidential Candidates have to say about Gun Rights!

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s notes in a press release its #GUNVOTE 2014 initiative was the most comprehensive voter information and education initiative the firearms industry has ever undertaken — and a success!

The NSSF notes the results in 2014 are proof votes of target shooters, hunters and gun owners are making a difference in our elections. But it says promoting, protecting and preserving hunting and the shooting sports does not start and end with election cycles. It adds it is at work in Washington, D.C. and the state capitals year-round speaking on behalf of our industry, both publicly and behind the scenes.

Voting in the upcoming 2016 elections is a process that begins by making sure to register, then becoming educated about the candidates running for office and discussing choices with family and friends so that they understand the importance of voting to protect America’s firearms’ freedoms, according to the NSSF. The final step, of course, is going to the polls and, when necessary, helping others to get to the polls, too.

To check out what some of the 2016 Presidential Candidates have to say about “Gun Rights” and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Videos” and then “2016 Presidential Candidates on Firearms; In Their Own Words.

NSSF Logo 3-15 indexFind Your Local Candidates
The NSSF makes it easy to find and check to see how your local candidates stand on issues. It has a web page that allows you to put in your address and zip code and it will take you to a page that lists candidates running for office near where you live. Make sure to bookmark this web page to have it handy and available when elections near in 2016!

The page also features a map of the United States and a click on your state of residence provides a list of candidates. That page then offers a lot of information on congressional candidates (senators and representatives), state legislators, statewide races (e.g. governors, and attorney generals), and it even lists ballot issues being voted upon.

Currently, not all the states have info on candidates, but some now have information on the Democratic and Republican candidates running for presidents. Click on the state of New York for a quick look at the presidential candidates.

To assist eligible voters with registering and with evaluating candidates’ positions on Second Amendment issues, NSSF also provides this voter education site.

The closer we get to 2016, more information will be revealed including … names of Political Action Committees that donated money to the candidate and how much they donated (this was shown for the 2014 election). That will give an indication of the groups/organizations that are favoring the candidate.

That same web page will also provide information on how to register to vote. (Scroll to the bottom and click on “Start the Process Now.)

The NSSF urges to “educate yourself on which candidates will stand up and fight for you. Don’t risk your rights”

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