Oregon Zoo Animals Play in the Snow Following Historic Snowfall [VIDEO]

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While us humans were white-knuckling it in traffic for a full 3 hours following snowfall across the nation, the animals at the Oregon Zoo had the time of their lives.

The historic snowfall — as much as one foot in some parts — closed the zoo for the whole week. Thankfully, one of the workers skied in to check on the animals — and got some amazing footage.

Now, a foot of snow may not sound like much…but Portland only gets about 3 inches of snow a year. Needless to say, some of the cold-weather animals were happy to see it.

We’re not surprised that the polar bears and otters were having the time of their life…but elephants?

Yes, even Samudra — the Oregon Zoo’s Asian elephant — was living it up in the powder. He was nervous at first, barely poking his head out of his enclosure…but once he got a taste of the snow, he dove right in.

This is one of my all-time favorites for this Guide Outdoors feature, and I highly recommend it.

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