Possible 19-Plus-Pound Florida State Record Bass Released Last Week!

A bass that would have re-written the Florida record books was reportedly caught and released on Lake Kissimmee July 23, according to FloridaTournamentReport.com.

Dave Ochs, who manages Lake Rosalie Bait and Tackle in Lake Wales, Fla.,, was pre-fishing for a tournament when he caught the giant (pictured above), according to Florida Tournament Report.com. The monster fell victim to a weightless Yamamoto Senko, and pushed an old dial scale to 19.20 pounds, according to Ochs.

He took measurements and a quick photo before releasing her back in the water. The fish that measured 27 inches in length and 24 inches in girth was too large to fit in his boat’s live well, hence the photo and release, he said. It’s not known if a photo of a fish was taken on the scale. If it was, the fish will become eligible for a TrophyCatchFlorida submission, qualifying Ochs for numerous prizes through the program, including $10,000.

Had the fish been weighed on a certified scale and verified by a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) biologist, it would have eclipsed the current official state record of 17.27 pounds.

Ochs also did a quick estimate on the weight of the fish by using a known formula based on the fish’s length and girth to confirm what his scale stated. There are different formulas to roughly determine the weight of a bass, and depending on what formula is used from FWC’s Florida Bass Weight Calculator, the fish would have weighed anywhere from 14.6 to 19.4 pounds, according to FloridaTournamenReport.com. Regardless of the certification status, Ochs caught the bass of a lifetime and released her to be caught another day.


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