Possible State Record Bull Shark Caught in Alabama

Jeff Moore was out fishing for red snapper off the Alabama coast June 10 when he hooked into something much larger.

Would you believe a 448-pound, 4-ounce bull shark!

The shark is pending certification, but if it that weight is official, it would blow away Alabama’s current record of 336 pounds, 8 ounces. The International Game Fish Association world record all-tackle bull shark weighed 617 pounds.

According to AL.com, Moore, of Birmingham, fought the bull shark for roughly 100 minutes.

“It felt like a Volkswagen bus sitting on the bottom of the ocean,” Moore told AL.com on June 17. “I just remember at the end it was pretty painful. I was glad it was over. I’m still sore today and I caught it seven days ago.”

Moore, along with his mom and dad, Ron and Kay, and brothers Brad and Brian, and Brian’s wife Jenny were four fish short of a red snapper limit while fishing on Gary Bryant’s “Red Eye” charter boat about 25 miles south of Fort Morgan when he hooked the fish, according to AL.com.

“Like most people, I thought it was a big red snapper. Once we figured out it was probably a shark, I wanted to cut the line. I didn’t want to deal with it,” Moore said. “At the time, nobody had any idea it was that big and a state record never crossed our minds.”

Moore believes Bryant convinced him to continue the fight because they were on a 10-hour trip and had pretty quickly come close to catching their 12-fish red snapper limit.

Not long into the fight and with the fish sulking near the bottom more than 100 feet down, Bryant strapped a fighting belt around Moore’s waist and clipped it to the reel.

Moore said the belt was the only thing that gave him any relief from the constant strain of the fish’s weight on his legs and back.

The confirmation process to confirm Moore’s bull shark as the new record usually takes a couple of weeks.

Tale of The Tape
Moore’s shark officially measured 7 feet, 6 inches from the tip of the snout to the fork of the tail and 8 feet, 10 inches overall. It had an impressive 63-inch girth around the stomach.

Top Photo: Jeff Moore’s fish weighs nearly 112 pounds more than the existing record. It took Moore roughly 100 minutes to get the fish boatside and the entire crew another 45 minutes to hoist its bulk over the big offshore boat’s tall gunwale. (Courtesy Jeff Moore)




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