An Eye on the Weather

You don’t need sophisticated instruments to make fairly sound weather predictions – especially if you know a few basic principles – and can read the local skies.


Snowshoe Maintenance & Repair

Snowshoers know the importance of maintaining their unique footwear. Both the traditional wood-framed classic styles and the modern, high-tech models have their own specific needs to keep them in sustainable, serviceable condition. Let’s look at the basic care needs and applications for each type:


Fishing is Available to Nearly All

Fishing shirts

Fishing has a unique quality in that nobody is left behind. Barriers and hurdles for entry and participation are very low. Regardless of where a person lives, their economic status, man or woman, young or old, participation and enjoyment of … Continued


The Benefits and Limits of Lowrance’s Active Target

3 people in fishing boat casting lines

I’ve had nearly a full season now of using Lowrance’s Active Target sonar. This new forward-looking technology has resulted in many catches that would have gone unrealized. I’m primarily a bass fisherman, but not only have I caught extra bass with it, but I have also caught many more walleyes and crappies.