Bug Banquet

Two men camping in woods with chair, cooler, fire, and tent

I’m sure you’ve seen ‘survival’ programs where the expert host turns over a log, finds a solitary grub and goes on to explain how insects are a great resource, especially in emergency backcountry situations.


Steak on a Stick

Steak, peppers, and mushrooms on the grill

Hot dogs with a side of canned beans, the quintessential camp dinner! While I’ll admit I’ve eaten my share of this tradition fare, my preference for what kind of meat is on the end of my roasting stick held over the fire is a good slice of steak!


An Eye on the Weather

You don’t need sophisticated instruments to make fairly sound weather predictions – especially if you know a few basic principles – and can read the local skies.


Snowshoe Maintenance & Repair

Snowshoers know the importance of maintaining their unique footwear. Both the traditional wood-framed classic styles and the modern, high-tech models have their own specific needs to keep them in sustainable, serviceable condition. Let’s look at the basic care needs and applications for each type: