Pairing Up Nature Guidebooks

Between a quick glance as it flits between the branches, or obscured by the shadows of dense foliage, trying to identify a bird or beast in the outdoors can be quite a challenge. While habitat, movements, and physical size help … Continued


Battling Blisters

Blisters manifest themselves due to several different medical factors. For the outdoor enthusiast, however, it’s usually an external irritation that gives rise to a blister from ill-fitting footwear.


Solo Sleeping Shelters

Guide Gear Hiking Tent

Whether you’re heading out alone for a simple overnight get-away or embarking on an extended, minimalist-style adventure, choosing the right type of sleeping shelter is a major consideration. Besides weight and volume, utility also plays into deciding what type of … Continued


Use Your Peepers

Two boats on lake fishing

I love fishing clear water and here’s why – I find it extremely exciting to target bass that I can spot with my eyeballs. I can’t help but lose my mind and raise adrenaline when I happen across a decent-sized bass, unsuspecting my intentions.