Rabid Bobcat Attacks Wildlife Officer [VIDEO]

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Authorities have issued a 60-day rabies alert on the heels of two separate bobcat attacks within a four-mile area in East Venice, Florida, this past week.

One of the attacks was caught on tape by homeowner Karen Morse after the feline ran into her home. Thankfully, her son managed to trap the bobcat in the sun room, giving them enough time to call authorities.

The video starts just after wildlife officers arrive on the scene, and — as you can see — the bobcat is extremely aggressive, lunging and latching on to one of the officers’ arms before being subdued.

We aren’t afraid of housecats, but we’ve had enough run-ins with feral cats to know that they are capable of doing some real damage, despite their size. Now, imagine you’re being attacked by a giant 30-pound feral cat that has all its claws.

Pretty scary.

The officer, homeowner Karen Morse, and a man involved in the other bobcat attack will now be required to undergo rabies treatment, which involves getting a series of incredibly painful injections into the abdomen with a long needle.

The Department of Health alerted all residents in the area to the presence of rabies in the wild animal population, and warned that unvaccinated pets are at the highest risk of contracting the virus.

From the Floridahealth.gov website:

“Some actions people and their families can take to prevent from being exposed to rabies include avoiding direct contact with wildlife, not feeding wildlife, consulting with a veterinarian to ensure pets are up-to-date on rabies vaccinations, and supervising pets and young children while outside. If you believe you may have been exposed to rabies, contact your health care provider and your county health department right away. If an exposure occurred, there is effective treatment that can prevent infections in people if administered in a timely manner.”

Stay safe!

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3 Responses to “Rabid Bobcat Attacks Wildlife Officer [VIDEO]”

  1. Dan Dedonder

    Wow…no gloves…no sleeves… no face protection. Rabid bobcat, you’d think they would be better prepared?

    • Kevin

      you would think he would clear the women out of the room. Not to smart!!! That’s why people get hurt and killed every year for not thinking about all scenarios. From change in weather to prep to making sure everyone is truly prepared. My daughter didn’t get her first hog until she was 13 and she really tried to do things right prior to that. but one slip up and your whole life changes. Have fun take the courses and sometimes just use some common sense! I’m not downing anyone shoot ive made plenty of mistakes I was just one of the lucky ones.Boy we are killing the bass down in central fl. I heard just last week a guy in Lake Kississimmi caught record breaking 19lb I think 4 ounce.

  2. Tim

    That’s why I carry a pistol in the field!