Quality Deer Management Association ‘Hunter Games’ July 26

Do you think you are the “Ultimate Outdoorsman”? You have a chance to prove it July 26 as the Quality Deer Management Association will hold its first-ever outdoorsman’s challenge. The competition is called the “Hunter Games” and it’s being held during the association’s national convention July 24-27 at The Classic Center in Athens, Ga.

Tom's G.O Outdoor News Item on QDMAHunterGames 5-14The Outdoorsman Challenge will have two age groups, those 14 and older and those 13 and younger. Prizes will be awarded to competitors who tally the most points in the events.

According to the QDMA, the Outdoorsman’s Challenge is scheduled to include the following events:

  • Ground Blind Challenge ­– Participants must assemble a ground blind, get in it and shoot a target in this timed event.
  • Fishing Challenge – This is a two-part, point-scored challenge that will involve Fish ID and Casting. A good fisherman can properly identify different types of fish, and that knowledge will be put to the test in the Fish ID. In the casting part of this challenge, contestants will earn points by casting and hitting targets.
  • Deer Challenge – This Quality Deer Management “cornerstone” event will give participants the chance to prove how well they can score and age deer. This point-scored challenge will be broken down into three parts: field scoring from a tower blind, aging bucks in trail-camera pictures and aging jawbones.
  • Tree stand Challenge – In this timed event, participants will be challenged to put on a safety harness, secure it to a lifeline, climb a ladder and pull up a bag of gear.
  • Marksmanship Challenge – How well can you shoot? Prove it in this timed, Crossman Air Rifle event.
  • Hunting Challenge – Here’s another chance to prove your shooting skills. This laser shot challenge will also evaluate your reaction time and responsible decision making.
  • Survival Challenge – In this timed challenge, participants will shoot a slingshot until they hit a target, and then they will be tested on starting a fire with a flint starter.
  • Additionally, the outdoorsman’s challenge will include an assessment of your waterfowl and trapping knowledge as well as the opportunity to put your archery skills to the test.

For more information on the competition and the convention, visit the QDMA website.

Of the events listed above, in which one or two do you believe you would be pretty competitive?


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