Jalapeno Dove Poppers


15 Dove Breasts (De-boned)
12 oz Jar of Sliced Jalapeno Peppers
1 package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 lb of Bacon
Toothpicks to hold it together


Lay out one half of dove breast, and spread cream cheese in it. Place 2-3 jalapenos on top, then wrap tightly with bacon and secure with toothpick. Grill on Med to Med high indirect heat for 10 minutes or until breasts are 160 degrees. Turn up the heat on the grill or transfer to a hot cast iron skillet to brown the bacon (turn often). Let them cool because that cream cheese will be like LAVA!


Recipe submitted by Brad Fraley

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3 Responses to “Jalapeno Dove Poppers”

  1. Larry vojkufka

    Looks great-plan to try as soon as I get me some dove!

  2. Curtis

    Friend has been making these for years, make some with Mexican cheese blend and fresh jalapenos, way better then pickled jalapenos

  3. Steve

    I have found that metal skewers work better than bamboo or toothpicks as the ends won’t char off and that you can turn over 6-8 poppers at a time on the grill and you won’t be surprised by biting into a popper with a toothpick stub in the middle. Try to find the skewers that are square in cross section as round ones tend to allow the poppers to spin on the skewer when you turn them over. The metal helps with internal cooking and are reusable.