Pennsylvania: Registration Opens For NASP State Tournament Feb. 1

Participants in the National Archery in the School Program (NASP) in Pennsylvania can register for its state tournament beginning on February 1.

The tournament is set for March 11 at the Penn State Multi-Sport Facility in State College, Pa. Registration remains open through Friday, February 19, and there is an $11 fee per archer to register.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) says the event is shaping up to be the biggest student archery tournament ever in Pennsylvania. And the PGC is encouraging all schools participating in the program to register to compete, and teams are encouraged to register early this year as space is limited. The NASP state tournament has been growing each year since its inception in 2011, and the March 11 tournament figures to include close to 1,100 participants from more than 45 schools across Pennsylvania!

NASP, which started in Kentucky in 2002, began in Pennsylvania in 2005. The Game Commission began coordinating the program in 2010 and, so far, the program has expanded to 210 schools.

The tournament features 95 lanes, each with two archers, shooting at once. About 9,000 arrows will fly each hour, and somewhere near 46,000 arrows will be fired on the day, according to PGC.
The PGC adds this year more than $5,000 in scholarships will be handed out to the state’s top performing student archers, helping them pay for college.

Registration can be completed online through the Game Commission’s website, or directly through the NASP Tournament website.

NASP helps school districts in Pennsylvania meet physical-education curriculum requirements set by the state Department of Education, and at the same time introduces students to the world of competitive archery.

Tournaments are held at the state, national and international levels, and Pennsylvania sent more than 100 students to the 2015 national competition, which was held in Louisville, Ky.

To get NASP started in a Pennsylvania school, contact Todd Holmes, at the Game Commission headquarters, at 717-787-4250, ext. 3330. Also, “PA NASP” can be found on Facebook.


Guide Outdoors Readers: Are any of your kids or friends’ kids involved in NASP? Has it been a favorable experience for them?

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