Remember the Guy That Got Mauled by a Grizzly? He’s Pretty Much Fine Now [VIDEO]


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A few years back, I posted a video of a guy who had just gotten mauled by an aggressive grizzly sow.

That guy’s name is Todd Orr of Bozeman, Montana, and before I link the old video, be warned—it’s pretty graphic. Todd was basically torn to shreds while hiking when he stumbled onto the sow and cubs.

Pieces of his arm are hanging out, he’s caked in blood, and his scalp looks like it’s barely attached.

If you have a weak stomach, I’d recommend you turn back now.

Now then…here’s the original video:



Todd walked an impressive three miles after the attack, but still had the werewithal to make a video. That’s pretty badass.

At any rate, Todd made it to the hospital, and the doctors started patching him back together. For the whole story, here’s an update from Todd himself.


Man Was Attacked By Grizzly Bear Twice in One Day

A grizzly bear attacked this man twice in one day — and he lived to tell the tale

Posted by NowThis on Thursday, November 15, 2018


The second video provides some excellent context for the first video.

It’s amazing that he was actually attacked TWICE on that faithful day. His bear spray did the trick…but he and the bear “escaped” in the same direction after the first encounter.

He should’ve chosen the pistol.

Orr was incredibly unlucky to run into the bear again five minutes later. If he’d only walked in a different direction, the second encounter might never have happened.

This time, she was made. One bite was all it took for the bear to basically rend the tendons in his left arm from the bone.

Also worth noting is that he only survived because he decided to ignore the pain and play dead.

When he got to the hospital, he underwent five hours of emergeny surgery to reattach the tendons in his arm. He has regained 90% use of that arm—which is pretty remarkable.

So…if you’re heading into bear country, bear spray is a good idea, but we recommend something a little heavier. Like a Taurus Model 44 Revolver or a Glock 20.



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