SHOCKING: Bison Charges Child at Yellowstone [VIDEO]


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The number of people who get too close—especially in national parks—is at an all-time high.

Unfortunately, the most recent victim was just 9 years old.

A group of Yellowstone tourists decided to get up-close and personal with bison when the typically docile animal became agitated and charged a nearby child.

Check it out:



It’s the worst scenario you can imagine. The girl has no chance to escape, and the bison flips her into the air with just a simple flick of its neck. Miraculously, she wasn’t hurt.

Oh, and the two people running to the right? Her parents. The real shame is that it’s THEIR fault, yet the young girl is the one who gets punished.

Onlookers told news that people were actually petting the bison, which is so unimagineably stupid that I wouldn’t believe it if not for the video.

Yellowstone officials said that the incident is under investigation—which means they’ll be forced to put the bison down.

Just an unfortunate incident all around. And it would’ve been easily preventable if park guests stayed 75 feet away.



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