Snowmobiler Rescues Entangled Buck From Severed Head

Josh Cosley of Pembina, North Dakota, was out snowmobiling last Wednesday when he saw a buck sprawled out on the ice. He didn’t think much of it until he took a close look…and noticed that the buck was locked at the antlers with the severed head of a dead buck. The live buck didn’t seem to have much fight left in him, Crosley told news. It looks as though they’ve been locked up for quite some time.

At some point, coyotes found the entangled whitetails. The dead buck was an easy meal. The live buck, not so much. “The back end of this live deer has been chewed on some,” Josh said in the brief footage he took before his phone died. The coyotes probably decided that it wasn’t worth taking a hoof to the face. But whatever happened, the live buck didn’t have much time left.

Buck entangled with severed head of whitetail deer
Despite the fact that he didn’t have a saw or tools, Josh decided to do the right thing and free the animal.


Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to capture video of the attempt, but we’re glad he gave the buck a chance to live. It’s tough to forage for food with another head weighing you down.

Great job, Josh.

So far, this is the second time so far this winter that a live buck has been locked to a dead buck in North Dakota. Let’s hope there aren’t any more.


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