5 Things To Avoid In Survival Hunting

5 Things To Avoid In Survival Hunting

Hunting is hard enough when you’re not doing anything wrong. And it’s near impossible when you’re making mistakes. If you have to hunt for your food in a long-term survival situation, you’d better make sure you don’t fall prey to these five hunting blunders.

  1. Failure to scout your site You need to know which animals are out there, before you head out on a hunt. And you need to pick the most productive looking hunting grounds. A scouting trip is your best chance to gain this kind of information.
  2. Being impatient Patience is a virtue, and it’s an absolute necessity in hunting. Be patient, and you may be rewarded with meat.
  3. Ignoring the weather A patch of bad weather can cause all of the animals to seek cover, and put you in a hazardous situation. Keep an eye out for a change in the weather, if you can’t check the forecast before heading out.
  4. Being underprepared This could be any number of inadequacies. You may not have enough bullets, arrows, safety equipment, or survival supplies.
  5. Forgetting about scent Don’t forget that many game animals rely on their noses as much as we rely on our eyes. Don’t poop or pee in your hunting area. Chew pine needles to hide your breath. De-scent your clothing before the hunt.

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    I ‘m not a habit deforming individual if something can be obtained then it looks like it’s coming home to my table . but I have not been active for awhile so i’m fishing.thanks for the bright side of survivalist info.