An Upland Hunter’s Gear Checklist

Here is a checklist to make sure you have all the necessary gear before you head out on your next upland hunting adventure!

___ Ammunition


____ Boots: Hiking style, waterproof

____ Shooting glasses

____ Blaze orange outerwear as required by state

____ Brush pants or chaps

____ Outer jacket or vest with bird pouch

____ Shooting gloves

____ Billed, weatherproof hat

____ Knit hat, neck warmer as needed


____ Change of socks, liner socks, gloves, hat

____ Quick gun-cleaning kit

____ Water/Thermos

____ Extra ammunition

____ First-aid kit

____ Knife


____ First-aid kit for dogs

____ Hemostat or pliers, if headed to porcupine area

____ Dog booties

____ Training collar

____ Dog location aid, such as belled collar, beeper collar or GPS collar

____ Squirt water bottle

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One Response to “An Upland Hunter’s Gear Checklist”

  1. Michael

    As someone who tends to hunt alone fairly often and in new places I would add a few emergency items. A GPS Tracker app for your phone, a compass and other small items like two protein bars, a whistle, a couple of hand-warmers and one of those small emergency space blankets. You never know what can happen and carrying 8 more ounces in your vest might save your life or the life of someone else…