ATV/UTV Fun: Just Charge It!

There is nothing more frustrating that turning the key to your ATV or UTV and finding the battery is dead due to cold weather or some other reason – lights left on, key left in the “on” position among others. It happens all too often, but is easily remedied.

I am constantly reminding my friends to start their ATVs and UTVs at least once a week and let them run for three- to five minutes to help keep the battery charged. However, I too sometimes forget to do just that, and a dead battery equals a ruined outing, and often disappointed friends and family. So, if you can remember to start your vehicle at least once a week and let it run a bit, you’ll charge the battery and have no problems.

What if you forget to start it, and realize the battery is dead? What should you do?

On the advice of my friends, I purchased one of those jump start battery devices with the jumper cables attached to it and it has saved my bacon many times in the past couple of years.

The best part is it is portable and you can take it with you on your rides so if you or someone with you needs to jump start their battery, you have a convenient way to do it. The jump start devices come in many strengths and are moderately priced. Here at Sportsman’s Guide, they have a good selection of Chargers and Jump Starters.

(Editor’s Note: Our popular Guide Gear model is currently on backorder, but due in June 1)

I purchased one and it has served me well. I check it monthly to make sure it is charged and keep it secured in the basket behind the seat with a bungie cord.

To use these portable jump-starting devices, you hook the cables to your battery just as you would to your regular vehicle if you were going to jump a dead battery in a car or truck.

Most farmers and ranchers who use an ATV or UTV regularly keep one of the devices in their vehicles. Nothing is as frustrating as being a couple of miles from home late on a frigid winter’s day and have your vehicle’s battery die and then have to walk back to the barn. These neat devices can help prevent those long walks back.

So, remember to start your vehicle weekly, even in the warm weather months. If that’s not possible, invest in a jump start device and keep it with you. You’ll be glad you did.

Shop Sportsman’s Guide for a great selection of Chargers and Jumpstarters!


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