ATV/UTV Tips: Resolutions For New Year Don’t Have to be New

If you are working on your New Year’s resolutions, remember this – just because it is a new year doesn’t mean your resolutions have to be new! Indeed, you just have to keep your resolutions – be they new or old.

And, since you are an ATV/UTV owner/rider, keeping a few resolutions in 2016 might not be a bad idea. Here are five that will help you enjoy your rides in 2016 even more and also help you keep safety and enjoyment high on your ride list.

1. File a ‘Flight Plan’
In other words, when you head out, put the following in writing, in a text or an e-mail: where you are going, who you are going to be with, how long you will be gone, the route you plan to take to get to where you will start riding, and best ways to get in touch with you.

2. Carry Two-Way Radios With You
This really shouldn’t be that hard to understand. Carrying radios with you, especially a pair of the new multi-channel radios, is a major league safety factor. A radio for every vehicle is a minimum. Having a radio for every person – man, woman and child on the trip is an even better plan.

3. Keep Your Emergency Kit With You
Let’s see, you have an emergency while out riding and you don’t have an emergency kit. Result? It’s a major emergency, not just an inconvenience! Lights and extra batteries for them have to be part of any emergency kit.

4. Take a Paper Map With You on Any Trip
Even though there are great mapping apps for smart phones and tablets, getting Internet access isn’t always a certainty. Paper maps of the area where you will be riding take the worry out of being lost.

5. Last, But Certainly Not Least…
Don’t ride without the proper safety gear and clothing! That means you will always take and wear a helmet, gloves and proper clothing (depending on the weather). Protective eyewear is also an essential. Carrying these items on your vehicle is easy since there are at least 20 different add-on storage packages available for any ATV/UTV.

These resolutions aren’t the only ones you should make as an ATV/UTV owner/rider, but they should at least get you thinking in the right direction for 2016.

Being safe and enjoying your rides starts with some proper planning. These resolutions should help you with that planning.


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