Becoming A Better Bowhunter: Part 3

Part 3: Patient Endurance Is Key 

One of the most common mistakes that I see novice bowhunters making stems from their unbridled passion for the hunt – they simply can’t wait for bow season to begin! In itself, there is nothing wrong with such an outlook, but it is usually the results of such enthusiasm that produce less than desirable results. Here’s what I’m talking about … .

New, passionate whitetail bowhunters often find themselves burning most of their time and energy in the early season, then, when the cold weather of November and December arrives, they’ve exhausted much of their focus. Certainly, it is more than possible to take early-season bucks, but this time of year definitely is not the highest odds time of the season for taking mature bucks. Such being the case, It’s best to only spend a small amount of time actually bowhunting in October, while saving up your energy and vacation time for the “big dance” of November because at no other time of the year are mature bucks less wary, and/or, moving more during daylight hours.

And we must not overlook the post-firearm times of December as another prime time to harvest a big buck – the woods become strangely vacant of hunters, deer move more in search of food, and the rut is still in good representation.

Don’t “flame out” in October – save your best efforts for November and December … you’ll be glad you did!

Please read more next week in Part 4.

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