Becoming A Better Bowhunter: Part 4 Of 4

Part 4 Of 4: Shoot 3-D Targets 

As bowhunters, one of the most beneficial forms of discipline that we can practice is shooting at life-size, life-like, 3-dimensional animal targets. By forcing ourselves to repetitively place arrows in the kill-zone of such life-like targets, we are programming our subconscious mind to be prepared to perform productively when we finally face the opportunity to harvest red meat.

I have an easy-access, elevated platform in my yard, along with a life-sized deer target, so that just before each hunt I quickly climb aboard and make a perfect kill shot. I only allow myself one shot, and I do everything within my ability to make sure the shot is executed properly – the arrow must result in a clean kill shot.

If my shot is less than desirable, I immediately impose “sanctions” on myself – I must take five more shots, and they must all be acceptable. This process is repeated until my criteria are met – if I miss out on a hunt as a result, I force myself to simply suffer the consequences of having not been prepared to hunt.

I can assure you that if you impose such rigid practice standards upon yourself, you’ll soon find yourself making a perfect first shot, every time.

And at the end of the day, I guarantee that such mental and physical discipline will also result in much better results in real-life hunting conditions – and THAT, is the result that all avid bowhunters live for!

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One Response to “Becoming A Better Bowhunter: Part 4 Of 4”

  1. kenneth torres

    I agree I do a one shot on a life size target as well the only difference is I don’t impose sanctions on myself sounds like a good idea.