Best Stocking Stuffers, And Camp Favorites

Stop and take a breath for a moment, even if you’re still hunting this season. What are those little things that you wish you’d had? What are the things that failed, got lost or wore out during the season (always at the worst possible moment)?

Ah, these are the items that the outdoor people on your holiday gift list will really appreciate!

Here’s a list of the best stocking stuffers:

It’s a known fact that your flashlight will always fail when you’re on a blood trail. Make sure the hunter on your list has a good supply of batteries in every size, including the specialty sizes such as those used in rangefinders and cameras.

Detergent Packs
The traveling hunter will really appreciate having that special laundry soap in a convenient package. The single-use packets don’t take up much room. I like to drop them into the toe of a hunting boot when I pack for travel.

Chemical Warmers
Even on the worst, coldest days of hunting season, I’m not a fan of bulky gloves. I’d much rather wear light gloves and use chemical warmers, either in a muff-style hand warmer or in pockets.

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Socks are a great stocking stuffer for the hunter in the family!

New Socks
No one will ever be disappointed to get new hunting socks!

I have two knives that I think are essential in any pack. One is a “gutting” knife with a hooked blade, and the other a regular, short-bladed field-dressing knife. Admittedly, they’ve been folded up dirty and forgotten more than a couple times.

You never know which one of the parts you’ll need, whether it’s scissors or a screwdriver, you’ll be glad to have it.

Camp Favorites
Boot Dryers
On a recent trip I learned the hard way that my boots had some dry-rot and the rubber had cracked. I learned this when I stepped into a creek and the water was higher than the dry rot spot. Although the day was dry and I left the boots upside down on the porch overnight, they were still wet inside in the morning. Boot dryers are worth their weight in gold; they’ll be a popular item with everyone in camp.

Knife Sharpeners
There are many varieties and the old saying is true – a sharp knife is a safe knife. It doesn’t take long at all for a knife to lose its sharpness; and it doesn’t take long at all to set up the sharpener and process a number of knives.

Charging Stations
I remember staying in a camp which was a remodeled log cabin. Each room had one outlet. It wasn’t long before people were unplugging lamps and plugging in chargers for cell phones, batteries, cameras, and computers. Charging stations make it possible for everybody to keep their communication devices ready to use, each day.

Hand-crank Radio And Light
In case of a power outage, these are essential items for every camp.

Any of these gifts are sure to be a hit for that special someone!

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