Camping Gear Checklist

Here’s a quick Camping Gear checklist to help you get ready for your next camping adventure.

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Having the right gear will make your next camping trip more enjoyable!
Having the right gear will make your next camping trip more enjoyable!

Hiking/Trail Basic Needs:
__ Backpack

__ Hiking Boots/Trail Shoes suitable for the terrain

__ Area Maps in waterproof case

__ Compass

__ GPS Receiver (optional)

__ Flashlight with extra batteries and bulbs

__ Food: snacks, high-energy, etc.

__ Water/Beverage

__ Canteen or Vacuum Bottle

__ Hiking Clothes (see below for details)

__ Medical/First-Aid Kit

__ Pocket Knife or Multi-Tool

__ Waterproof Matches in sealed container

with firestarter

__ Sunglasses and Sunscreen

__ Insect Repellent

__ Walking Stick

__ Camera

Hiking And Camping Clothing:
Pick the items to fit your route, destination and weather conditions.

__ Long-sleeve Wicking or Pile Shirt

__ Pile or Wool Vest

__ Wool Sweater

__ Moisture-wicking long underwear

Tops And Bottoms

__ Quick-drying Pants/Shorts

__ Fast-drying Swimsuit

__ Sun Hat (with brim)

__ Wool Hat

__ Gloves/Mittens

__ Waterproof Jacket and Pants

__ Waterproof Mittens

__ Heavy or mid-weight Wool or

synthetic-fiber Socks

__ Moisture-wicking Liner Socks

__ Sandals

__ Neck Gaiters

__ Mosquito Netting

__ Scarf/Bandana

General Camping Gear:
Choose items to fit your trip needs, and the level of luxury desired.

__ Tent, Tarp or Bivy Sack

__ Sleeping Pad

__ Gear Repair/Sewing Kit

__ Sleeping Bag in waterproof Stuff Sack

__ Sit Pad or Sleeping-Pad Chair Kit

__ Cook Stove and Fuel

__ Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner plus high-energy snacks

__ Cookset: Dishes and Utensils

__ Liquid biodegradable Soap and Pot Scrubber

__ Garbage Bag

__ Extra Plastic Bags

__ Water Bottles

__ Collapsible Water Container (2-3 gallon capacity)

__ Water filter or Purifier and Water-Purification Tablets

__ Lantern

__ 100-ft. Accessory Cord

__ Binoculars

__ Field Guides

__ Camera and Film

__ Notebook and Pencil

__ Portable Shower

__ Axe

__ Fold-Down Shovel

__ Fold-Down Saw

__ Camp Stool

__ Watch/Alarm Clock or Altimeter Watch

__ Lip Balm

__ Insect Repellent

__ Toilet Paper

__ Portable Potty

__ Toothbrush and Toothpaste

__ Small Bath Towel

__ Brush/Comb

__ Candle

__ Personal Medicine: eyewash,

aspirin, lotion, etc.

__ Other personal Toiletry Items

__ Trail Pass, Wilderness Permit, Trailhead Parking Permit, Camping/Fire Permit (where required)

__ Cash

__ Fishing line, hook, sinker, bait, small lure (for survival)

__ Map and Trip Itinerary including name and phone number of nearest ranger station, left with someone at home

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8 Responses to “Camping Gear Checklist”

  1. Tom Boack

    I do a lot of camping, backpacking & hiking & find that one of the most important items necessary for general use (as well as survival) that was missing from your “Camping Gear Checklist” was a fixed blade sheath knife. Granted you did mention a pocket knife, but your chances of a quality camping/hiking/survival experience are dramatically increased with a fixed blade knife. My EDC always include a fixed blade knife & a flashlight.
    A knife enables you to build shelter, create tools to create fire (which enables you to purify water & cook food) & create traps to procure food & prepare it. I’m just sayin’…
    Thanks, love your catalog & info.

  2. Ken Zullick

    You mentioned accessory cord but I find it handy to take a 50′ length of nylon rope along. But if you really want to rough it out only take a fixed blade knife.

  3. Tommy Peddington

    Here is my take on gear. Weight bears on you (no pun intended) when you go some distance. Therefore I’m a big advocate of gear that is “multi functional”. A piece of gear must be good for at least three things (with minor modifications perhaps) before I decide to take it. I.e., a mylar blanket/tent, which could be used for 1. shelter, 2. water collection, 3. signaling etc. Another good example might be vaseline doused cotton balls that might be good for 1. fire starting, 2. lubrication, 3. water proofing (to a degree) and as 3. skin/sunburn/first aid etc.

  4. Rachel Lannister

    My husband and have been wanting to go camping, as neither have been in years. In your list you mentioned making sure you have water bottles, cooking material and even fishing gear. We’ll have to find a place where we could buy all this stuff, so that when we go we can stay safe and really enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Thank you for the great tips.

  5. Ridley Fitzgerald

    It’s great to learn about what needs to be taken camping. We don’t go camping often, but we’re planning a week-long trip next month. I’ll make sure to check for a really nice sleeping pad and waterproof sleeping bag!

  6. arky

    you left out WHEEBARROW….. to carry alla dat shit in .

  7. Dp

    Camera and film. What is film?