Conduct Your Own Survival Drills

Nothing leads to success and survival like practice!

Mark some dates on your calendar to perform emergency drills with your family. They may not want to participate, but find a way to get them involved nevertheless. Here are some emergency drills that can keep a family’s skills sharp.

Distant Contact
Have each family member contact a friend or family member who lives outside your area —without using a phone (cell or landline). This could be done through e-mail, social media, satellite phone, ham radio, or even a carrier pigeon. Get creative!

Supply Shakedown
Pull out all of your emergency supplies, take inventory, check expiration dates, use up older items, replace them with new supplies, and make sure you end up with a few more items than you started with.

Fire Drill
For starters, perform a classic fire drill, evacuating the home at an unexpected time. Make sure you have a planned meeting spot outside the home, and have everyone low-crawl out of the house. For more practiced families, eliminate the easy exits and add some obstacles. Also, round out the exercise with some stop, drop, and roll each time you have a fire drill.

Take the fire drill exercise one step further with a mock evacuation. Tell everyone that they have 2 minutes to grab some clothes and supplies and get to the family vehicle.

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  1. Laren Gundlach

    Amazing how I forgot while reading these tips. (22.5yrs ret.)