Crossbow Hunting: The Lighted Nock Advantage

In today’s outdoor industry, marketing hype often makes it difficult to determine which products are designed to assist the hunter, and which ones are designed to separate you from your money. One product that is truly designed to aid in your hunting and shooting ability is lighted nocks!

Crossbows are so fast that it’s nearly impossible to follow the arrow’s flight with the naked eye or even through a scope. They also have tremendous penetration capabilities, generally passing through animals and traveling several yards beyond.

Bromley's The Lighted Nock Advantage 9-14Installing lighted nocks to your arrows alleviates the problem of not being able to see the arrows’ trajectory and where it hits the target or animal. Bowhunters can take advantage of the high visibility of lighted nocks to help in tuning their equipment as well. Small variations in arrow flight are easily detected because the arrow flight is now visible.

They also allow you to easily recover the arrow after the shot. Whether a pass through or a clean miss, the arrow can be easily found. They may seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, but they will actually aid in making you a better shot and save you money in arrow recovery.

There are several lighted nocks currently available on the market. I recommend purchasing a brand that requires no magnets, glues, switch, or moving parts. Also look for a brand that guarantees longevity in both battery life and durability.

Lighted nocks add only a few grains to your arrows’ overall weight making them a non-factor in affecting accuracy. If you’ve never shot a lighted nock in the past, don’t wait any longer to give it a try. You’ll wish you would’ve started using them sooner!

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  1. Thomas kelley

    I should try lighted jocks.