It’s Easy To Secure Your ATV/UTV When Trailering It

I read the results of a survey a while back by one of the ATV manufacturing companies that showed more than 60 percent of its customers haul their ATVs and UTVs on a trailer pulled behind either an SUV or a pickup truck. Most of the rest of their customers just hauled their ATVs in the beds of their pickups without utilizing trailers.

Tony Dolle
Tony Dolle

The one piece of data common to nearly every way the vehicles were hauled from one location to the next was the extent to which ATV/UTV owners went to make sure their vehicles stayed on the trailers and/or in the pickup truck beds. Ropes. Chains. Cables. Locks. You name it and they used it to secure their machines.

I can’t blame them. I’d do the same thing.

Today, securing your ATV to your trailer has never been easier. Not only do the ATVs and UTVs come with better parking brakes that keep them from moving on the trailer itself, but today’s ratchet straps are so much stronger than ever before. They are lighter than chains, stronger than ropes, won’t damage vehicle finishes such as cables and chains, are lighter to carry with you, and are very quiet. And, they are easier to use than those old knuckle busters we all had to use “back in the day.”

I’ve used Fastrap tie-down straps (please excuse the shameless plug, but I don’t hesitate to recommend what works for me) since I saw an over-the-road trucker use them to secure a load. I bought a kit right after that and have been using them since. Their tie-down kits are readily available and actually hold, and, they don’t break the bank.

He also taught me that no matter how tight you secure your vehicle to a trailer or your pickup truck bed, it can still come loose, so I learned you need to secure the ATV at two different points in the front, the rear and the sides, if possible. The Fastraps make it easy to do that.

I’ve yet to see a trailer that didn’t have a multitude of places to secure straps, hooks, chains and cables. But the ratchet straps such as Fastraps are the easiest to use I’ve seen. The same goes for your pickup truck. The bed hook points — usually located on the side of the bed at the front and rear — make it easy to secure your ATV in the bed.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your pickup truck tailgate will be the only security you need to keep your ATV from moving. The locks on the tailgates can fail — and often do. Having your ATV strapped in the bed just makes sense and, adds a bit of security against would-be thieves.

So do yourself a favor. Secure your AVT/UTV when you haul it on your trailer or in your pickup truck bed. It won’t move off your trailer unless you decide to move it and that’s the whole idea.

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