Five Floats to Fit Your Panfish Needs

For casting light baits to slab-sided panfish, there’s no better tool on the market than a float. Designed to hold your offering at a pre-determined depth, floats are often a necessity in order to get bit. But are all floats created equal? Not at all. Each style serves a specific purpose and which one you choose should come down to the conditions you are faced with. Here are five popular styles to keep on hand.

1. Spring







Ideal for fishing in water less than four-feet-deep, the spring float offers a simple design without much in the way of bells or whistles. Attached to your line by way of a spring, this style of float will keep your bait at a set depth of your choosing.

A spring float is ideal when fishing flats of a uniform depth, as well as when fish may be in a neutral or negative mood – and uninterested in any additional action imparted by way of a slip float. These floats are also a great choice for fishing with kids.

2. Wobble








The unique shape of this float is what makes it a winner. Like a buoy shifts and moves in the water, the wobble float will impart added action to your presentation with each wave or breath of wind. A perfect choice for when panfish need a little extra enticement in order to strike or when a quivering motion to your bait is preferred over a vertical one.

3. Micro-Slim








This style of float encompasses many varieties on the market, but the premise is the same – a small and thin profile. A float of this kind gets the nod when fishing in crystal-clear water and when panfish are extremely spooky. Disturbing fish by way of the float ‘splash-landing’ during the cast is a concern with larger floats, making this style the preferred choice when finesse is the name of the game.

4. Splash Brite









When the sun sets and ravenous crappie begin to feverishly chow down, staying on the water is a necessity. But without a lighted float to register your strikes, your time on the water can be short lived. Enter the Splash Brite. This float instantly lights up when contact is made with water, producing a bright glow that is like a beacon in the dark. And with over 30 hours of in-the-water battery life, this innovative float will keep you in the game for days.

5. Glow









There’s nothing worse than trying to pick out your float during a dreary and overcast day. Even worse if the waves are rocking. A cost-effective solution is a glow float. Not requiring a battery such as the Splash Brite, the phosphorescent paint on these floats can be ‘charged’ with a flashlight, camera flash, or from what little of the sun is shining. Producing a soft glow that is easily visible, these are a perfect panfish complement for those dark and dull days on the water.

Chasing panfish doesn’t need to be advanced and neither should your float selection. Give these five styles a go the next time you hit the water. The panfish won’t thank you.

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