Protecting Your ATV/UTV From The Elements

No denying it, your ATV\UTV is an expensive investment and one you need to protect from the elements as much as possible.

If, like me, you have the luxury of enough space in your garage (of course, my definition of “enough space” and that of my wife are two entirely different perspectives!) that’s great. My Polaris Sportsman 500 sits clean and dry year-round in the space my pickup truck used to occupy.

A friend keeps his in his barn. Another friend keeps his in an outbuilding he purchased expressly for the purpose of protecting his ATV – though he told his wife he bought the building for to store her huge collection of antique doll houses. Hey, whatever it takes, right?

But what do you do if you don’t have the luxury of storing your ATV in a building?

A cover, such as this water and UV-resistant one from Guide Gear, will protect your ATV from the elements.
A cover, such as this water and UV-resistant one from Guide Gear, will protect your ATV from the elements.

Several friends have purchased a heavy-duty ATV cover designed for their vehicles and keep their vehicles covered and parked in their backyards. Another parks his under his elevated deck, but still covered. A few don’t cover theirs at all…a practice not recommended by anyone.

Covering your ATV/UTV (if kept outside) protects it in many ways:

  1. Keeps the sun from damaging seats, cables, grips, and tires.
  2. Prevents rain from rusting exposed metal parts.
  3. Keeps wind-blown objects from damaging your vehicle’s body
  4. Prevents excessive condensation inside your gas tank.

Also consider this, covering or storing your ATV/UTV inside a building enhances its value – very important when it comes time to sell it or trade it in on a newer/larger model.

I know folks who use a simple nylon, waterproof tarp and some bungee cords to cover their ATVs…might not be the absolute best option, but it works.

I’ve seen ATV owners who use a backyard privacy fence to provide some protection for their ATVs – at least from one side – which is better than no protection at all.

The key is to find cover for your ATV/UTV that protects it from the elements year-round. It doesn’t matter whether you store you vehicle inside a heated garage, in a barn, under a deck, or under an ATV cover, protecting it is essential to keep it ready for use when you want to use it for work or play.

There nothing better than to take the cover off your ATV/UTV, and turn the key and have it start so you can enjoy using it. Keeping it covered and/or inside is essential for this to happen with any consistency.

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One Response to “Protecting Your ATV/UTV From The Elements”

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    Eileen Benson

    It was helpful when you said that storing your ATV or UTV indoors can enhance its value. My husband and I want to buy some side by side UTVs. Thanks for sharing this article and helping me feel prepared to protect our investment!