Ruining Your ATV Ride is Easy as 1, 2, 3, — And 4 And 5

Look around It won’t take you long to find folks trying their best to ruin their ATV ride and maybe yours, too, if they are with your group.

You would think most riders would have a bit more common sense when riding, but that’s just not the case. Having seen these and plenty of other stupid actions by riders, I polled some friends and asked them their opinion of how to ruin a ride. Here’s what they had to say:  

Not Wearing Safety Gear
This is probably the Number 1 way to ruin a ride. I’ve written about safety gear before and probably will again. ATV safety equipment is essential to protecting you in a crash. A helmet, goggles, body armor (chest protector), gloves, boots, and long-sleeved pants and shirt are the ATV gear that will take the punishment if you hit the ground.

At the absolute very least you should wear a helmet. Your head is up pretty high when you’re sitting on a quad, and if you flip, fall or otherwise get knocked off your quad, you’re pretty likely to hit your head. You bought it, so wear it!

At the very least, a rider should wear a helmet for safety.
At the very least, a rider should wear a helmet for safety.

I Bet You Can’t Do This
I don’t know if anyone keeps stats on how many injuries and wrecks happen on ATVs because someone decided to show off. I see riders doing it now and then – now and then being way too often. The problem with showing off is that you’re not really concentrating on what you’re doing. And, when you’re riding an ATV, you need to focus all of your attention on controlling your vehicle, not on showing off!

Riding An ATV That’s Bigger Than You Can Handle
Allowing a child to ride an adult-sized ATV by themselves is not only dangerous it borders on child abuse, in my opinion. In order to be able to control a larger ATV, you have to be able to use your body weight to prevent tipping in turns. Smaller riders can’t do this with larger machines.

Alcohol And ATVs Don’t Mix
Just like guns and alcohol don’t mix, the same holds true with alcohol and ATVs. There’s a time and a place for just about everything, and an ATV ride is neither the time nor the place to get buzzed.

Too Many Passengers
Unless you have a really big ATV, it probably wasn’t meant for more than one rider. (I’m not talking UTVs/Side-by-Sides here). Looking at the seats of most ATVs, you might think they were made for more than one rider because of the size of the seat.

No so, bucko.

Most seats are large because riders need to move around to make the ATV go the way they want. This is also the reason that it’s so dangerous to let kids ride adult-sized quads; because they don’t have the physical strength or the body weight to move that big of an ATV around.

There is no rhyme or reason to these actions by ATV riders. Truly, most of this stuff is just plain dumb or stupid or both. No matter, all of them can ruin a ride quicker than it takes to tell it. Don’t be the person who ruins the ride.

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