Winkelman: The Secret to Summer Smallmouth

As many of you know my favorite species to chase during the summer months is the smallmouth bass. They put up a fight like no other fish out there making them a blast to catch!

With that said, the summer mouths provide a challenge as more sunlight floods each body of water and continues to warm the water. Vegetation continues to flourish meaning more cover for fish. And as they say, where there is cover bait fish should be nearby. This means target weeded areas, using spinners or top water baits to provoke those smallies out of there hiding place.

Babe Winkelman
Babe Winkelman

If you find the fish are just not in these dense vegetation areas, slide to a deep weed line edge out from shore. As you troll along be sure to station the boat 10 yards or so outside of that weed edge allowing you to cast your bait in the prime striking area. For this approach I like to cast erratic crank baits that ramp the fish up and trigger active fish.

When a lake possesses more of a rocky terrain, I like to target under water points and bars. These spots range in depth, but often deep water is nearby. This makes these locations promising as the summer heat takes its toll on our waterways. Once again casting crank baits is a tactic I like to use for these locations. But as I work the deep edges of the rock points and bars I switch to my go to tube jig.

No matter the location be willing to adapt. No one day is the same, but what I have learned is to be willing to change your presentation, your retrieve, or even the body of water you are fishing.

I hope these tips prove to be helpful and increase your smallmouth success this summer. And to all my smallmouth soldiers out there, don’t for get to share you catches on my Facebook page!

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