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Suddenly he was simply there. When the thick-necked, tall-tined Illinois 8-point stepped out of the jungle-thick CRP some 150 yards from my 20-foot-high treestand perch last November, I knew it was “game on.” And also, that there was still plenty of work left to do.

The impressive deep-chested brute had come on the scene just seconds after an opportunistic fork horn had bird-dogged an obviously hot doe around and out of the immediate area, and now, the much-larger buck stood just off the exit path of the now-unseen doe. Trouble. It was time to get on my calls and fast.

Luckily I was ready. It took two loud grunts before I could see the buck had heard me, but it was a few following bleats, using a Primos Can call, that turned him my way. What ensued was likely my finest-ever calling performance. Like a huge game of cat and mouse, I traded grunt and bleat calls each time the buck paused, or seemed to deviate, from his path toward me. Each time, my calls renewed the buck’s interest.

Eventually, I would lure that rutty buck to a mere 18 yards for a point-blank shot, an experience that solidified one of my personal hunting rules: Always pack along both grunt and bleat calls in my treestand deer-hunting arsenal. But aside from an assortment of calls, what other treestand accessories are worthy of toting along on your next hunt?

Hooyman MegaBite Handsaws, 40v Lithium Pole Saw

Hooyman saw

Deer hunters use handsaws so much all of us should have two or three. Hooyman saws have been helping smart hunters for years, and the all new MegaBite Handsaws are designed to be compact and extremely durable and are available in two models, the MegaBite and the MegaBite Compact. The saw blades are made of premium high carbon SK5 steel and feature a tapered blade design. The impulse-hardened, 4-edge, tooth design is made to last and provides unmatched cutting performance. The MegaBite Compact has a 6-inch blade and folds down to 6.5 inches; the MegaBite has an 8-inch blade and folds down to 9.5 inches.

Find yourself with a lot of large cutting jobs? The new Hooyman Cordless 40v Lithium Pole Saw is an ideal tool for trimming, clearing brush and creating shooting lanes. Equipped with a 40v Lithium-Ion battery and high torque in-line motor, this 10-pound electric pole saw can tackle both large and small limbs with ease and precision, providing up to 70 minutes of run time, with its included battery and charger. Its lightweight, durable design allows the saw to be safely extended to approximately 16 feet while in use. After the job is complete, simply collapse the system and store in the provided 48-inch carry bag.

Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness

Hunter Safety System Bowhunter Harness

Hunter Safety System has been making great safety harnesses for years, and the new HSS-Hanger continues to offer smart innovations. The Hanger helps you hang stands with ease, and also helps you cut shooting lanes, move trail cameras, and much more. Although you’ll find plenty of uses for this harness during the season, it’s the first and only “off-season” treestand harness you will find. True to its bloodlines, the HSS-Hanger is built tough, constructed from durable fabric, and is packed with handy features that include deep, rigid utility pockets for securely hold steps, straps, HSS-Lifelines and more, preventing multiple trips up the tree. The smart slide pocket design allows the user to freely slide pockets to the front or back while climbing and working, and you’ll also find legendary HSS safety features: a pro-grade rope-style lineman’s climbing belt with two heavy-duty carabiners. Also included are an adjustable tree strap, suspension relief strap, instructional DVD and safe use instructions.

Millennium SafeLink System

Millennium® M-150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand

Millennium has taken treestand safety to the next level, by becoming the first treestand manufacturer to offer its SafeLink system with every Millennium Hang-On and Ladder stand. The SafeLink treestand safety line is a 35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner, designed for controlled ascension and descent to and from hang-ons and ladder stands. The system will stop the fall of any hunter up to 350 pounds. In Millennium’s 2-man stands, the SafeLinks come with double Prusik knots and two carabiners.

Ozonics HR300 Ozone Generator

Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination System

Are you looking for true cutting-edge scent elimination? In 2010, Ozonics established themselves as a leader of scent management for treestand and ground blind hunters with the introduction of the HR200 in-the-field ozone generator; new is the flagship HR300 in-the-field ozone generator that delivers 45 percent more ozone output and more user-friendly features. The HR300 is the result of more than five years of intense field research and product development, and it was designed using end-user feedback and the continual desire to provide every hunter with the most effective scent elimination tools in the industry. In addition to the 45 percent increase in ozone production, you’ll also find a new housing design and re-engineered internal components that contribute to this ultra-quiet design. The new HR300 is compatible with all existing Ozonics accessories such as the EZ Mount, which allow silent setup and takedown of the unit in the tree.

Moultrie Mobile Trail Camera System

Moultrie Mobile Wireless Field Modem MV1

Check game cam images at a different site, while you’re up in a treestand? You can if you own the unique Moultrie Mobile, a technologically advanced trail camera system that allows hunters to view images and control cameras remotely over the Internet. The Moultrie Mobile system uses a field modem—which can be moved from camera to camera. The MV1 Field Modem is compatible with multiple models of Moultrie cameras at various price points, including most recent models. When images are captured, hunters can be notified through text, email or via the free Mobile App. The Moultrie Mobile website and mobile apps (IOS and Android) offers the most robust photo management features available on the market, giving hunters the ability to organize, analyze and share their photo collections. Affordable monthly plans require no contract, no commitment, no activation fee, and no cancellation fees.

Summit Vine Series Climbing Sticks

Blending treestands, especially climbing systems and ladders, into the surrounding environment has always been a challenge. Well, until now. Proven innovator Summit Treestands makes some of the best “industry standard” climbers, and has been busy redefining ladder stands with its new Vine Single ($300) and Double Hunter ($380)—as well as The Vine climbing sticks ($130; 4 sections, 22 pounds) and Back Country hang-on stand ($170, 22 pounds). Featuring a new unique “engineered concealment” curved design, The Vine climbing sticks break up straight lines for maximum concealment.

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