Trick Out Your Tree Stand

Trick Out Your Tree Stand

Let’s say you step into your living room, and someone has hung a new picture on a wall. It would be the first thing you noticed. Now imagine how deer react to changes in their “living rooms.”

Umbrellas and stand blind kits will really improve your hunting. It’s a given that it WILL rain on opening day – and a given that if you add an umbrella on opening day, deer will notice the change. The time to “trick out your stand” is during the summer. Here are some ideas to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable hunting season:

Guide Gear Umbrella

Camo Umbrella Blind

If it looks like rain or you don’t want the sun beating on your face, simply attach the Guide Gear Umbrella Blind to a tree above your tree stand. Don’t need overhead protection? Then lay it on its side and use it as an ultra-portable ground blind!

Guide Gear Universal Tree Stand Blind Kit

Guide Gear Universal Tree Stand Blind Kit

Your movements will be concealed once you’re inside. The blind has three, zip-out windows and also stakes. In minutes, your vantage point will be cloaked in camo, ready to hide you from your soon-to-be trophies. And even if you prefer to stay on the ground, the Blind adapts easily for surface use as well.

X-Stand Safe Climb Ropes

X Stand Climb Ropes

Safety is the most important element of a great day of hunting. Did you know that the majority of tree stand accidents happen as the person is moving from the steps to the stand platform? You should be connected to the tree as soon as your feet leave the ground, and you can do that with the X-Stand Safe Climb Ropes. These ropes are 30-feet long and feature a Prusik knot – you can slide it up as you climb, but should you fall, it locks in place. Once one end is installed above the stand, you and your friends can hook up from the ground. You should also make sure to have haul ropes for gear, and never climb while you’re trying to hold something.

4-Pk. of Guide Gear Tree Stand Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps

Every time I hang a portable stand, I add an extra ratchet strap. Trust me, if you go to a “box store” for last-minute ratchet straps, you’ll only find red, blue, yellow or some other color you don’t want. Pick up the Guide Gear tree stand ratchet straps four-pack.

50-Pk. X-stand Accessory Hooks

X Stand Hooks

Don’t forget the little things that will make you more comfortable and organized in the stand. Little hooks are indispensable, especially if you travel to hunt. You should always keep a couple in your pack (WX2-637253, 17.99 or 16.99, for a box of 50). Each holds ten pounds. For your regular stands, install a Big Game Multi-hanger, which has a swing-out arm and can hold several items.

Kryptonite Modulus 1010S Cable Pack


For peace of mind when you’re not in your stand, pick up Kryptonite Modular 1010S Security locks. These feature a 10 mm steel cable and spring-loaded deadbolt system (two keys) for added security. Each has two snare-style cables which feed into the same lock – designed to lock bicycles but work very well to lock both a stand and its steps to a tree.

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