Wilderness Survival: Build A Tuna Can Stove

Wilderness Survival: Build A Tuna Can Stove

If you have a few bricks, an empty tuna can, a bit of cardboard and some rubbing alcohol, you can build a small cook stove to heat water and food. All you need is a stable, fire-proof spot to set up the stove and something to cook. Keep a fire extinguisher handy too, just in case things take a spill.

STEP 1:  On a fire-proof surface, set up several bricks to form a hearth.

STEP 2:  Fill an empty tuna can with strips of cardboard, set it on the hearth and fill it halfway with rubbing alcohol. Be careful to avoid spills and overfilling.

STEP 3: Light the alcohol in the can with a stick match. Since burning alcohol can be very difficult to see, use caution to avoid burning your fingers.

STEP 4:  Place your pot or pan of food or water over the stove, sitting on the raised bricks. If one filling of alcohol isn’t enough to complete your cooking, wait until the can has burned out completely before adding more alcohol. Pouring alcohol into a burning stove can be very dangerous.

And if high-proof hooch is in short supply – coil up some cardboard strips in the can, drizzle the strips with molten wax, and light it up! This works as a stove and also a light source.

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