Winter Survival: Cook Without Utilities

Winter Survival: Cook Without Utilities

Winter weather knocked out your power? What you are serving for dinner after a utility outage depends on a great many factors, including the food on hand, the way it was stored, how quickly the food will go bad, and which cooking methods you have available. The meals you assemble during a winter emergency are very likely to be a disaster in themselves, but they don’t have to be. Use these alternative methods to cook some great food while the utilities are down:

  • A gas grill will let you grill and boil water, and possibly bake your frozen pizzas. Bundle up and use the grill outdoors. BBQ grills aren’t safe for indoor or garage use.
  • A solar oven will slow cook food on sunny days.
  • The campfire has been good enough for a many millennia, build one in the back yard.
  • Camp stoves or alcohol stoves are both handy and portable.
  • Oil lanterns with cooker tops can give you both light and a way to warm up canned food, soup or drinks.
  • Foil wrapped food cooked on your vehicle engine.

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