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When you’re out in the Great Outdoors, comfort and safety are tops. You’ve been told to protect yourself from the sun since you were a kid. And mosquitoes? Itchy bites are a pain. But lately, you have Zika, West Nile, and whatever other mosquito-borne disease the news reports. Now you have to worry about these suckers biting you and making you sick…or worse.

That’s where these shirts and shorts help protect you.

Guide Gear® Performance Fishing apparel is fortified with innovative EcoNano® fabric treatment. First, it provides UPF 50+ sun protection; thats as high as you’ll see in the industry. Because when you’re out on that lake that the sun AND its glare can cook you even through your clothing. Now you’ll have extra protection from those harmful UV rays. As for the mosquito repellent, it creates a barrier between you and those pesky bloodsuckers as well as ticks and biting flies. It’s basically like having clothes that help protect your health! And the ingredients are natural and non-toxic, meaning they’re safe on your skin. And since these clothes are Guide Gear®, they’re also comfortable, durable, and at a great price!

And this gear isn’t just for fishing…it’s great to wear during yardwork, hiking, watching the kids’ ball games…anytime you’re active outdoors in spring and summer and want a higher level of skin protection.

Check out our line-up. On top of sun and insect repellent, they have additional features. Click any image for a bigger look or the button to see even more and get your own!

1/4-zip Long Sleeve [maxbutton id="127"]
Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Short Sleeve [maxbutton id="128"]
Long Sleeve T-shirt
Long Sleeve [maxbutton id="129"]
These lightweight polyester/spandex performance shirts have underarm mesh panels for ventilation during a hot day out on the boat. The colors available are Fish Camo, Gray Digi Camo, Deep Blue Sea and Ash Gray.



Short Sleeve, Button-up [maxbutton id="130"]
Long Sleeve, Button-up [maxbutton id="131"]
Prefer a full-button style? These super-lightweight polyester shirts have a vented back to keep you cool while allowing for freedom of motion when casting and retrieving. 2 bellowed, flap-close pockets with drain ports give a quick spot to put your shades or hold a small pocket knife. There’s even a secure zip pocket. You can get them in Blue Fly Print, Light Green, and Sand.





Shorts [maxbutton id="132"]
Get the same protection level of protection but in shorts…made with lightweight, quick-drying 100% nylon. The elastic waistband provides a comfortable fit. And there are cargo pockets with drain ports to hold your keys, phone or other carry-alongs. Colors available are Grill or Sand.






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2 Responses to “Fishing Clothing That Lets You Focus On Fishing.”

  1. James Perovich Sr.

    Great clothing for the outdoors

  2. Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

    Fishing Clothing That Lets You Focus On Fishing is a nice topic about fishing clothing and the main themes for fishing clothing intended for summer are about protecting from the sun’s harmful rays while also being cool enough to fight off mid-day summer heat. Whether you fancy fresh or saltwater this performance fishing gear is up for the challenge.