Chip Bazemore, Creek Bazemore

Date: October 18, 2013
Equipment Used:
Location: Screven County, Georgia
Pictured (left to right): Chip Bazemore (left), Creek Bazemore
Trophy Size:
Trophy Species: Whitetail Deer
Story: I have always enjoyed slipping along in the woods hunting for deer. Now that I have grandchildren, I enjoy teaching them about hunting, actually more than I enjoy hunting myself! I taught my 11-year-old grandson Creek this type of hunting and he really enjoyed it. On opening day 2013, when Creek was 10, we were only in the hardwoods for about 15 minutes when we spotted a fresh scrape. I told him it looked like a new buck moved in and said, “let’s go find him.” We walked another 100 yards and found another scrape, and I told him that it looked good and said, “let’s go kill him.” Just about that time, we spotted a doe acting very nervously and she spooked. She ran right toward us, but we didn’t spook her; it was a buck that was following her! The doe came right by us giving my grandson a perfect shot. And with one shot, Creek brought down a perfect 10-point buck! It was sure a hunt for the memory book!

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One Response to “Chip Bazemore, Creek Bazemore”

  1. Dustin McCain

    Wow! What a hunt to remember, and an awesome buck!