Greg Shubert

Date: October 19, 2014
Equipment Used: CVA Optima Pro Muzzleloader
Location: Allen County, Kentucky
Pictured (left to right): Greg Shubert
Trophy Size: 8-pointer
Trophy Species: Whitetail Deer
Story: After getting pictures of this deer all summer long it finally came together. I bowhunted from the start of the September opener until the first week of October with no luck. But the second day of muzzeloading season here in Kentucky, I went to a stand that overlooked a large soybean field. I sat there all day long and only saw two does that morning. But around 6 p.m., three small bucks and this one came in on the far side of the field and starting to work my way. With the sun going down quickly, as soon as the buck came under 200 yards, I raised my CVA Optima Pro up and got a good rest. Once he turned broadside I held about 17 inches above his heart and let the .50-cal go to work. Once the smoke cleared I called my dad and told him to come help me look if he could. I told him that I felt good about the shot, but it was a long way and I wasn't sure the gun was capable of making a shot like that after thinking about it. I only use 100 grains and shoot a 240-grain Powerbelt, which is not ideal for long distance like that -- but I was wrong he was laying were he stood! Memories like that one keep me going back to the deer woods year after year. There is something special about deer hunting in the fall that nobody could ever take away from me. Even the best memories I have as a child are when I was deer hunting with my pa and my father. And after all these years I still use Sportsman’s Guide gear because of their quality products at such a low price. If not for you guys I would not be able to make some memories and for that I want to say, Thank You!

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One Response to “Greg Shubert”

  1. John Dorman

    Well said brother and nice deer!