Jack Cormack, ‘Ohio”, Jamie Alt

Date: September 25, 2011
Equipment Used: .300 Win Mag
Location: Brandywine, West Virginia
Pictured (left to right): Jack Cormack (left), "Ohio," Jamie Alt
Trophy Size: 415- to 425 pounds
Trophy Species: Black Bear
Story: What a hunt! My Heartfelt THANK YOU! to the great folks of The Potomac Highland Wounded Warrior Project, who sponsored this hunt. Myself (the old white bearded geezer), a young fellow known to me only as " OHIO",.... and the "Brandywine Bear Magnet," himself, a local young man Mr. Jamie Alt., cut this young fella, and he bleeds, bear tracks, and black fur ! .... Est. Live Weight 415-425 (but that was back in 2011,...like all good huntin' stories,...known in some circles as "Bald Face Lies,"... it has put on weight since then, LOL :)...2011 was a low mast year for the state, and the cornfields in Germany Valley are always a target of opportunity for the animals. But more so that year ... birds, squirrels, raccoons, deer, turkey, and bear all freeload on the local farmers hard work, and cost them a lot of money, due to crop damage. Bears will totally destroy a cornfield...but you want to hear about the hunt. It was a beautiful late September day and almost too hot to run the dogs for very long. Not a cloud in the sky...no wind. The corn ready to cut...a 100-acre cornfield...corn stalks shaking everywhere...dogs a bawlin'... Bears were everywhere in that field. Several bear ran by in the corn. It was just a glimpse of black now and then, followed by a dog or two. There were so many bears in this field, the pack had split down to just about one per bear. .....and this old Big Corn Eater took advantage of all the confusion. He came sneaking over to the edge of the field, and stuck his head out at 40 yards and decided it was safe to make a break for the mountain behind us. My Guide, Mr. Alt said, "that's a hog, take him Pappy!" The .300 Win Mag spoke...and the rest...is an Old Man's Memory!

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