Jim Hellyer

Date: September 19, 2014
Equipment Used: Winchester Model 94 chambered in .32 WSP 170-grain round nose
Location: Maine
Pictured (left to right): Bear camp guide (left), Jim and his black bear
Trophy Size: 425 pounds
Trophy Species: Black Bear
Story: It shot this black bear with a Winchester Model 94 that my uncle gave me when I was in my 20s. He also gave me the original box of shells that he bought when he gave me the rifle. He never shot anything with it and all I've done with it is punch holes in paper. I decided to bag something with this like new rifle, So, I put bear hunting on my bucket list after having a near death experience with cancer. The reward was fantastic! I sat behind a log and watched a known bear trail. About dark this critter came in and I rolled it with a single shot, with iron sights. It was about a 40-yard shot. The bear rolled twice sideways, ran about 40 yards and laid down. I'm still excited to this day!

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3 Responses to “Jim Hellyer”

  1. charlie caruso

    great story,thats what its all about..good luck.

    • Jim Hellyer

      Thanks you for your response. I had so much fun I’ve contacted the guide to schedule me for next seasons bear hunt (2015).

  2. David Hellyer

    Nice Bear Story – I ran across your name and had to say hello I have been hunting for 40 plus years and enjoyed your picture very nice bear. I hope all is well with your cancer !