Kenzie Thomas

Date: November 28, 2013
Equipment Used: Rifle
Location: Oklahoma
Pictured (left to right): Kenzie Thomas
Trophy Size: 10 points, grossed 174
Trophy Species: Whitetail Deer
Story: This was my daughter Kenzie's second year to hunt, and she killed a 120-inch, 8-pointer the year before out of the same tree. Early that morning, we saw the buck 600 yards to the north of us chasing a doe and it began heading her our way. Within about five minutes, the buck ran at full speed, right under our tree, and no matter what I tried the buck never slowed down! As we watched the buck head south into a grove of trees, I apologized for not being able to stop it. Her response was, "don't worry about it dad, if he wants to die he'll be back." I tried to explain that I had been hunting for over 25 years and had never seen a buck that big while sitting in a deer stand. Later that evening, we had two bucks within range that would score in the 140s and I told her she could shoot either one she wanted. But she was very certain that she would wait for "Mr. Big" to return and about five minutes later out popped a doe and "Mr. Big" was close behind! When they were 170 yards away, they stopped, she fired, and he laid down in his tracks and the Big Smiles followed!

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One Response to “Kenzie Thomas”

  1. David Kutz

    Great Job!!! That’s an awesome buck!!!