Lester Holley

Date: October 06, 2014
Equipment Used: .270 Ruger American Bolt-Action
Location: Texas
Pictured (left to right): Lester Holley
Trophy Size: 220 pounds and scored 180-plus
Trophy Species: Whitetail Deer
Story: I was lucky enough to get drawn for a disabled hunt and arrived at the camp about lunch time. I never hunted in Texas and it was on my bucket list. I had no idea they'd call me to go hunting on my 50th birthday, what an AWESOME present! We headed to the shooting house about 5 or so, got settled in and it was no more then 15- to 20 minutes before he came walking in. I looked at the horns ONCE and then aimed my .270 on the kill zone using my homemade gun holder that I and a friend design simply because everything that's on the market would cost me two- to three months of no lights, food or anything else. But anyway, my cross hairs were aimed just behind the should blade and when this stud moved his leg forward just a bit I fired my .270 hitting this beautiful animal true in the zone. After a brief run in a little circle he was on the ground and I was floating in the clouds. My thanks go to Outdoor Ministries for everything they do, not only for the disabled hunters, but for the families. If ANYONE would like to have a disabled hunter come hunt with them PLEASE email me at: LAH391964@aol.com. It's just tough to find places for the disabled to hunt and have a chance of harvesting any deer. This was a trophy hunt, but to me ANY deer is a trophy in my book.

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